In the context of falling fees, regulatory scrutiny, and an increasing volume and complexity of data, the need for an efficient and scalable platform is more important than ever. Alpha partners with you to design and implement the ‘best in class’ operating models to support your investment and trading teams.

How we work with clients

Our team have deep expertise extending across the Investments value chain. This experience coupled with our frameworks and accelerators helps our clients navigate the increasingly complex business & technical landscape. We will partner with you to: 1) Define your strategy and future operating model, 2) Evaluate and select your strategic partners and technology solutions, 3) Deliver end-to-end implementation programmes

Alpha’s capabilities span the Investments lifecycle:

Portfolio Management

  • Position your Investment teams and processes for growth
  • Incorporate structured and unstructured data in decision making
  • Ensure technology is supporting your business and building foundations for the future


  • Maximise efficiency of trading processes to achieve best execution
  • Harness technology to evolve behaviours across your team, powered by data & analytics
  • Facilitate robust support and oversight operating models

Risk & Performance

  • Support the delivery of Performance & Attribution analytics and reporting, utilising new vendor offerings
  • Automate delivery of data into PMAR teams in order to deliver high quality analysis
  • Streamline data processes through a simplified weights and returns approach

Investment Technology & Transformation

  • Provide solutions to meet CIO demands for increased ROI within a cost constrained environment
  • Deliver enterprise level transformational change across your operating model
  • De-risk legacy technology solutions and operational processes

Why Alpha?

We specialise in investment management. Our entire team focuses on this industry and is headed by senior Front Office specialists. All our staff have buy-side consulting experience.

We must be doing something right. Many of our clients have been with us since Alpha started in 2003. Many more have joined since.

We keep our clients one step ahead by being at the forefront of industry developments, new technologies and new entrants.

Q&A with our Global Heads of Investments

Enterprise platforms have been implemented at numerous managers across the market. Do you expect this activity to continue or abate?

Over the last 2 years, we have completed over 25 projects involving Enterprise service providers. The adoption of these tools is allowing Asset Managers to be more focused on the act of investing itself and removing the necessity to deliver non-differentiating capability. This will only become more critical as the demand for actively managed funds to demonstrate value generation heightens. Often delivery of these platforms allows an answer to the question of ‘how do we improve our data?’ and with data at the centre of the asset manager of the future, we can’t see this pace of change waning.

- Alex Heasman, Director in UK Investments Practice

Am I doing the right thing now to keep me at the front of the pack in 5 years’ time?

Use of automation and analytics are becoming more widespread and will deliver significant advantages for investment teams in the near future. Before these benefits can be realised effectively there is groundwork to complete – This is where forward-looking leaders are directing their focus. Data is being put at the centre of organisations, focussing on a clean architecture that is standardised and simplified wherever possible. It all starts with the definition of a vision, understanding of the current state, and formulation of an organisation-wide plan that is well communicated.

- Hugues Delage, Director in France Investments Practice

How can I be confident of my operation in a world of increasing regulatory scrutiny?

The future looks like a set of real-time dashboards that show organisational activity and health, with long-term process optimisation driven by trusted sets of data. SMCR has pushed Asset Managers to focus more on their internal processes and the risks they hold, and this focus is unlocking efficiency and optimisation opportunities.

CIOs remain as concerned as ever about funds being well managed and delivering good performance - and how the investment engine supports the wider value proposition. To sustain a competitive edge in today’s environment, each system and team should be delivering tangible value.

- Greg Faragher-Thomas, Director in UK Investments Practice

How do I get the best out of the data & technology that supports my Front Office teams?

A more seamless technology suite can help Front Office teams focus on their value-add activities. However, the adoption of technology needs to be strategic; there are more and more vendor offerings coming available and there is a real temptation for managers to deliver change and innovation through discrete activities that are driven by new and interesting technologies. There needs to be discipline in keeping a clean architecture and operating model to ensure that it can scale, fits with the in-house investing ethos and will be fit for purpose in the future.

- Mike Burns, Director in US Investments Practice